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Wilson Omni

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Protect your eyes completely with these Wilson Omni squash goggles.

Wilson Omni

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  • Detail Wilson Omni
  • Detail Wilson Omni


Wrap around designed squash eyewear that provides full frontal protection and superior periphal vision.

These goggles are ideal for squash, racquetball and multi-sport usage.

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Over Wilson

Wilson LogoWilson, the number 1 in tennis, manufactures the world best squash rackets as well. The BLX rackets combine next generation in nano technology and unique frame engineering innovations that result in the ultimate control rackets.

Peter Barker, winner of the European Team Championship 2007, 2008 and 2009, plays with the excellent Wilson Tour BLX, just like top player Anthony Rickets.


BLX Technology

A survey of over 600 tennis players revealed a common interest to Wilson, 90% of them wanted a racquet with the right feel, and felt right. So Wilson set out to create a line of racquets that would meet player's demands... 

Feel-Impact information transferred into the players hand

Feel determines the ability to sense the ball coming off the string bed and better control the shot, and this is what connects the ball, racquet, and player's hand together. 

Technology, Material, and Design are all combined in one to bring you the ultimate feel. BLX

Frame Technology

 Triad technology incorporates Isozorb to seperate the hoop and handle for Maximum Comfort. 

FX technology incorporates a quad shaft design for 23% increased torsional stability on off-center hits. 

Linear Geometry provides an overall 35% stability increase compared to a classic beam construction.

Grommet Designs

Wilson is going to use 3 different grommet designs so players can get the ultimate performance out of their racquets. 

Classic:Traditional 22 string movement for a classic response players love. 

Double Holes: A bigger hole allowing 26 string movement for a 7% bigger sweetspot.

AGT: Articulated Grommet Technology allows an extraordinary 76 string movement for the biggest sweetspot ever (+34%).

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